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Augie’s in the News

Curiocity summer treats

Curiocity published their “8 Essential Summer Treats To Beat The Heat In Toronto” and we at Augie’s are thrilled to be listed in the #1 spot!

The weather is heating up and we cannot wait! And neither can Narcity. They wrote about Toronto’s 7 Best Spots For Juicy & Boozy Popsicles Are The Yummiest Way To Cool Off. And guess who is in the top 7? You got it… Augie’s!

Narcity Toronto popsicles
foodism to

foodism Toronto

Cold as Ice

We are excited to be mentioned in the most recent version of foodism Toronto! Look for us on page 14 of the August 2018 edition at

Her Career: Janet Dimond, Owner of Augie’s Ice Pops

She Does the City

She Does the City

She Does the City

We first discovered Augie’s Ice Pops at Sorauren Farmers’ Markets. Now we see them everywhere and recently bumped into owner Janet Dimond at the Drake General Store, the newest place where you can find her handmade pops.

See the full article at:

Augie’s Ice Pops and Social Media

Laura Warburton dropped by to chat about how we use social media at Augie’s. Beautifully Filmed by her partner in crime Jon Blacker! Thanks for coming Laura + Jon –it was a fun afternoon!!!

Simple Summer Pleasures: Augie’s Ice Pops at DGS

Blog | The Drake Hotel

Drake Hotel
“Watermelon-lemon-mint, grapefruit-ginger-lime, strawberry-basil-lemonade: these are the flavours that summer dreams are made of. Next time you visit Drake General Store on Queen West, cool off with a handmade, all-natural Augie’s Ice Pops. We love the taste, but we also love a good story, and Janet Dimond’s beloved Toronto company is definitely that.”

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Pop Art

Canada's 100 best popsicles

Pop Art

Canada’s 100 Best

“There are plenty of ways to beat the heat in the summer, but none quite so fine as an artisanal popsicle.”

“Having some of the most delicious pops around town, Toronto’s Augie’s Gourmet Ice Pops has become one of the most famous ice-pop vendors in Canada. Recently they have participated in Toronto’s Pan Am games, proving they are no stranger to the Toronto culinary scene. In the past, Augie’s has worked for Janet Dimond and Donna Dooher along with many other prestigious restauranteurs. With delicious and fresh flavours, they are sure to satisfy almost every customer. Our favourites you may ask; tart Ontario cherries and lemon cream or the equally delicious Vietnamese coffee. These are the perfect treat for the hottest days of summer. “

The 10 Best Frozen Treats on a Stick in Toronto

Taste Toronto
Jul 28, 2015

Cucumber lime + chili

Cucumber lime + chili

#9 Featuring the Cucumber Lime + Chile Pop!

Pride Pops are the best new way to beat the summer heat

The Toronto Star
June 24, 2015

“Canada Day has the butter tart; Christmas, the turkey; and Thanksgiving, pumpkin pie.

And now Pride — shouldn’t it be a holiday too? — has the Pride Pop.

Six layers of fruit moulded and frozen into a vertical rainbow makes for an icy salute (but in the warmest way possible) to the LGBT community — and an effective way to beat the sweltering heat and shoulder-to-shoulder sweatiness of this week’s celebratory parade.”

Toronto Pride Pops

On the Street: Twilight Tuesdays

Aug 12, 2014

“The Drake One Fifty and Momofuku have teamed up to bring a little night market action to the Financial District, and from the size of the lineups and some items selling out, it seems the Financial District was hankering for just such a thing. Beside the host restaurants, The Gabardine and Augie’s Ice Pops were serving up deliciousness for the people, with singer Tim Moxam providing the mood music.”


Post City Toronto
Jul 18, 2014

“From its lemonade stand beginnings, Augie’s Ice Pops have become a summer treat found all over Toronto from farmers’ and flea markets, to Whole Foods, Pusateri’s and more. Flavours vary on the season but can include honeydew green apple lime + mint, strawberry basil lemonade, cucumber lime + chile, and so many more. “

5 frozen treats to keep you cool this summer

Savour Toronto
Jul 15, 2014

“When Janet Dimond launched a one-day popsicle pop-up in 2011, she had no idea that her frozen treats would become such a hit. The icy innovators are now readily available in farmers markets and are sold in retailers and restaurants across the city. They come in flavours like Pineapple Coconut Lime and Strawberry Basil Lemonade.”

Strawberry basil lemonade

Strawberry basil lemonade

Olde Time Summer Guide

Post City Toronto
Jun 26, 2014

“These killer ice pops sure take the cake. Janet Dimond’s handcrafted pops are all-natural and bursting with fruit. Nifty flavour combos include honeydew, green apple and cucumber or tangerine buttermilk.”

8 Toronto Artisans You Need to Know

April 8, 2014

“Janet Dimond initially took to a yard sale on Roncesvales to showcase her love for fresh juice pops. She produced a small batch of ice pops and sold them to passersby. They were an instant hit and soon enough she started to show up at farmer’s markets.

Why We Love Them: Janet has a rotating menu of ice pops using fresh seasonal juices. She also has a knack for combining ingredients for maximum flavor explosion. Think watermelon, basil and mint pops or grapefruit ginger lime pops.”

Gourmet Frozen Treats

Good Food Revolution

Founder Janet Dimond’s handmade, all-natural fruit-bomb ice pops are made from fresh seasonal Ontario fruits and are sold at various retailers and at Farmer’s Markets across the city. Flavours change based on availability, but past ice-pop flavours include: grapefruit-ginger-lime, watermelon-lemon-mint, and blackberry-yuzu-orange zest-lime juice. These artisanal frozen treats are a delicious way to cool off this summer.

Watermelon lemon + mint

Watermelon lemon + mint

Joey’s Healthy Summer Treats

Summer 2013

“Augie’s Gourmet Popsicles are all handmade using fresh squeezed juice, herbs and zest. Only a pinch of natural honey, maple syrup or pure sugar cane is used to sweeten and flavours range from watermelon, lemon and mint to grapefruit ginger lime.”

Friday’s Five To Follow: Toronto Frozen Treat Purveyors
Jul 19, 2013

“These delicious little treats are available at most of the city’s farmers’ markets, and are undeniably some of the best homemade popsicles around. Think Real Fruit, but actually made with real fruit. Our favourite is the lemon, watermelon basil option.”

Recipe: blackberry-yuzu ice pops

Toronto Life
Jun 19, 2013

By Janet Dimond
Augie’s Gourmet Ice Pops

Find the recipe here!

Blackberry Yuza

Blackberry Yuza (Japanese citrus)

Top Artisanal Frozen Treats In Toronto

View the Vibe
Jun 18, 2013

“Flavours are fresh, vibrant, and local. Ingredients are sourced from Ontario farmers. Ice Pops are chock full of bloomed fruit and herbs; they are sweetened with a touch of Ontario honey, Ontario maple Syrup, or organic cane sugar. Summer flavours include Sour Lemon Cream (Buttermilk), Tart Cherry + Yuzu, and Concord Grape + Keylime. “

In Toronto, a Locavore’s Life Made Easy

New York Times
Dec. 25, 2012

“Janet Dimond, owner of the stand Augie’s Gourmet Ice Pops ( briskly sold fresh icy confections (watermelon infused with cucumber and ginger, strawberry mingled with rhubarb) for $2.75 and bowls of asparagus, lemon and chickpea soup for $3. “On a day like this,” Ms. Dimond said, indicating the brilliant sunshine, “this is where everyone comes.”

Yorkville Plaza’s lounge and ice pops were a hit during TIFF

BuzzBuzzHome News
Sep 18, 2012

“Camrost was giving away complimentary Augie’s Gourmet Ice Pops to TIFF goers in need of some revitalization. The Ice Pops are made of all natural juices and herbs and Augie whipped up some custom flavours for Yorkville Plaza — Strawberry Basil Lemonade and Coronation Grape. Hopefully you got to try one!”

Toronto Underground Market (aka TUM)

Gluten Free Garage
Aug 27, 2012

“To cleanse our palates, we paid a visit to Janet & Mel at Augie’s Gourmet Ice Pops.”

Junction Flea: A new ‘curated’ market for the taste makers

The Globe and Mail
Aug 20, 2012

“On a dusty lot near the corner of Dundas Street West and Keele Street one recent Sunday, a young woman sat having her portrait taken inside an old storage container which, using wooden signs and an old-fashioned box camera, had been refashioned into a 19th-century photo studio. The resulting image, produced on a thin piece of aluminum, had a bronzed, antique look to it – as if she’d travelled to the 1880s in just 20 minutes.”

Gourmet popsicles: the perfect frozen treat

Westjet’s Up! magazine
Aug 3, 2012

Head to Sorauren or Evergreen Brick Works Farmers’ Markets for a taste of Augie’s ice pops—gourmet goodies made from seasonal fresh-squeezed fruit and transformed into crowd favourites like watermelon lemon mint or peach lemon buttermilk for $3 each.

Summer on a Stick

The Toronto Star
Jun 29, 2011

Popsicles have gone gourmet.

For starters, they have a fancy new name: ice pops.

They’ve moved well beyond the deadly sugar water/food colouring combo, and past mono-flavours like orange and grape into restaurant-worthy pairings like grapefruit-ginger-lime, strawberry-basil-balsamic vinegar and watermelon-lemon-mint.

Those are three top sellers at Janet Dimond’s fledgling business, Augie’s Gourmet Ice Pops. She was a hit at the Evergreen Brick Works farmers’ market for the last two Saturdays after she landed a temporary spot.

Grapefruit, ginger + lime

Grapefruit ginger lime

“We sold out of every single pop we had,” says Dimond. “So many people were coming up and saying, `What a great idea.’ ”

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