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Thank you to all of the artists!


Our first ever Augie’s Artist Series was a huge success.
Thank you to all of the artists for their amazing ice pop designs.
Chris Ross, Sarah Campbell, Joanna Morra, Mark OConnell, Jessica Parzanese, and Israel Ceron.


Chris Ross

Chris Ross Backyard Inspiration

The first ice pop in Augie’s Artist series was unveiled July 17 at Sorauren Farmers’ Market –an ice pop designed by Chris Ross – a neighbourhood filmmaker and artist.

Chris Ross is a Toronto-based writer and director. She began her artistic life as a painter, and once made a series of paintings with subtitles (in case you couldn’t understand what the paintings were saying.) Chris recently directed the short film Acting Up and has just finished another short called Friends on Facebook. Chris is also busy developing her first feature. Follow her @darkpalepics.

Chris Ross
Chris Ross

Sarah Campbell

Sarah Campbell popsicle

Sarah Campbell is a passionate iPad / iPhone artist. She also paints portraits of homes, Birches, whimsical interiors and Abstracts. See for samples of her beautiful work.

On the ice pop front, we debuted Sarah’s Bliss on July 29th! It’s pretty cool — with coconut, pineapple, lime… and activated charcoal!!

Try one today and remember to vote!

sarah campbell popsicle

Joanne Morra

Joanne Morra ice pop

Augie’s Ice Pops has brought Joanne’s creation to life using Belgian chocolate, vanilla and caramel coffee cream.

Try one over the weekend at the Farmers’ Markets.

Learn more about Joanne Morra at And check out her new album “Alouette” on iTunes Spotify!

Vote and Win!

Stay tuned for details on how to vote for your favourite Artist Series Ice Pop.