Augie's Ice Pops

Hand-crafted Fresh Juice Ice Pops (in killer flavours)

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Having a Party? Office Fun? Event? Golf Tournament?

Order Augie’s Ice Pops in quantity!! Our minimum order is four dozen for delivery (you can order smaller quantities to pick up during farmers’ markets). Please give us a MINIMUM 72 hours notice to produce the popsicles.    We’re a small, hand-crafted operation + we produce to order to maintain the freshest possible ice pops.

Email us: or give us a call  416-766-0791 + leave your info.

We look forward to hearing from you!!!

Our Standard Pricing for regular sized Augie’s Ice Pops: $3each; 12 for $30; 24 for $60; 4 dozen + $28/dozen

Augie’s Mini Ice Pops are $1.50 each;  4 dozen + @$16/dozen


and we have pricing for large quantity and retail of course (we can also custom design your Ice Pops!)